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Rose Rentals Team


Kimberley Daly

Kimberley brings to the office a wealth of experience in Property Management. Kimberley is a Licensed Real Estate agent. Kimberley has a long term relationship with the owners who have been clients of Kimberley’s for over 18 years. It is due to Kimberley’s attention to detail with her professionalism and commitment to owners that keeps her relationships very positive with owners.
Kimberley is able to deal with all day to day running of the managements as well as thorough preparation for Tribunal appearance when necessary.
The training, professionalism and personal approach adopted by Kimberley means that Landlords can maximise their investment return.
Kimberley prides herself on providing Landlords and tenants with exceptional service. She believes that all owners deserve her individual attention to their properties. It is a testament that Kimberley has been with this rent roll for over 18 years, the knowledge of knowing the Landlords and properties so well is vital to the business.

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Hayley Clifton

Hayley has been with Rose Rentals for more than a year and has formed a good relationship with both Landlords and tenants. Hayley’s attention to detail is so important to Kimberley. Hayley joined the team after gaining experience in Property Management and administration in Springwood. Hayley has been very quick to learn our procedures and is a vital part of the running of Rose Rentals. Hayley upholds the professionalism and dedication to excellence that Rose Rentals is known for and has a firm knowledge of all our properties. Hayley has just completed her Licence and is awaiting her Certificate.

Property Manager


Chris White

Chris WhiteChristine joined our Team in 2016 and assists both Kimberley and Hayley with Administration on a Thursday and Friday. Chris lives in the local area with her family, and is involved in the local community and has been in Real Estate administration previously. She is a great asset to our business.

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